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Unveiling the new FastGig App!

Curious about what's in store with the upcoming new FastGig app? Look no further! Read more to explore new features as we answer some of your burning questions.

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Flexible jobs for students - How to juggle school, work, and personal time?

Struggling to find time for yourself whilst studying and earning a side income? Maybe flexible jobs are just the thing you need. There is no need to compromise or sacrifice one or the other! Read to find out more.

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Top 5 flexible part-time jobs to earn a side income for students

Are you a college student trying to figure out how to supplement your income without skipping classes? You're not alone; many students look for flexible part-time work to help pay their tuition fees or earn extra for their wants in life.

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Top 5 Flexible Part-Time Jobs In Singapore for Students This Coming Holiday

Looking for a casual part-time job this coming 2023 holiday? Consider these 5 flexible part-time jobs that can help you earn an extra side income and at the same time, establish a work-life balance so that your holidays are not all work with no play!

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Gig Jobs vs. Part-Time Jobs: Which Is Right for You and what is the difference?

What is the difference between part-time and gig jobs? Compare benefits and find out which is the right choice for you!

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