Top 5 flexible part-time jobs to earn a side income for students

January 8, 2024

Are you a college student trying to figure out how to supplement your income without skipping classes? You're not alone; many students look for flexible part-time work to help pay their tuition fees or earn extra for their wants in life. 

In today's world, students often juggle academic responsibilities while seeking opportunities to earn a side income. The demand for flexible part-time jobs has surged, enabling students to strike a balance between their studies and financial needs. Tutoring is one of the most popular flexible part-time options but it requires prior skills and experience for tutors to establish themselves. FastGig explores flexible part-time jobs with no commitment, no prior experience or skills needed, and a fast booking process for students to start earning a stable flexible income.

In this article, we'll explore the top five flexible part-time jobs on FastGig that are popular with students due to their benefits and flexibility:

  1. Service Crew:

The Service Crew role is one of the most popular roles when it comes to students. The constant high demand, low barriers of entry, and shallow learning curve make it a convenient choice for many. This role is a great opportunity for students to pick up soft skills like communication, customer service, problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork. 

Most F&B establishments are open early and closed late at night, allowing them to create multiple shifts out of the standard school hours. This enables students to apply for shifts that fit their school schedule.

Apart from Service Crew, students interested in the F&B industry can explore other roles like dishwashing, cashier, assistant cook, and bartending.

  1. Retail Assistant:

What makes Retail businesses interesting is the chance to venture into diverse markets, ranging from fashion, furniture to entertainment and more. This allows students to explore a business that fits their interests.

It is fulfilling to work in the retail sector  for many who are keen to shape a customer’s experience when stepping into a store. A positive service experience can create an unforgettable memory for many that can create a positive outlook that ripples from the individual to the business, and potentially on the overall perception of a country for tourists.

When it comes to a retail career, one may expect the following job responsibilities in a summary:

  • Assist in customer enquiry and provide product/service recommendations. 
  • Maintain a clean and organised store environment.
  • Handle cashier responsibilities, including processing transactions accurately.
  • Restock shelves and merchandise, ensuring product availability.

Similar to F&B businesses, a retail job can accommodate class schedules and exam periods as it provides shifts after school and on weekends. Students receive on-the-job training to learn about customer service, communication, and problem-solving skills.

  1. Delivery Driver or Courier:

For students who have access to a vehicle or a bicycle, working as a delivery driver or courier provides a flexible part-time employment with weekly income. One of the primary draws of becoming a delivery driver is the flexibility and control over your time. There are differences when it comes to a delivery driver role where the compensation can either be based on a flat rate or a per delivery commission or a combination of both.

Apart from the flexibility, a delivery role isolates job seekers from the need to be front-facing as compared to a customer service or retail role. Some individuals work better in such an environment and a delivery job provides just that.

  1. Event Sales Promoters: 

The most exciting component about event positions is the possibility to be a part of the event's mood and grandeur. Participating in events provides an excellent chance to establish new connections that may lead to future opportunities. These connections also serve as a valuable avenue for listening and learning from others.
The role usually involves the following:

- Promote and drive sales for a product or service
- Demonstrate featured products
- Assist in setting up and organising promotional display

Event sales promoters are in demand, especially during the festive season - Christmas, Chinese New Year, or special events such as Singapore Formula One. The events also usually pay a premium hourly rate to attract as many candidates as possible with some offering above $20 per hour.

Besides the sales aspect of this role, students can gain practical skills in marketing, event planning, and customer service—valuable experiences that can be applied effectively.

  1. Warehouse Assistant: 

Similar to the delivery role, a warehouse role usually isolates the worker from the need to face customers and clients. This role is usually very straightforward and involves the following responsibilities:

- Packing products into boxes
- Organising boxes and products according to client needs
- Manage inventory and stock take

One thing to note, most warehouse roles require the need to lift heavy loads with and without the assistance of others. It is wise to ensure that you’re physically fit for the role to minimise the possibility of injuries. This role is high in demand especially when there are events or e-commerce sales that require more hands to pack and organise orders.


In the quest for a side income, students now can tap on a platform such as the FastGig App to explore more job opportunities. The best thing is the weekly payout that gives you access to your earnings faster than a traditional part-time job that pays monthly.

The added advantage of weekly pay ensures a steady income stream, offering students financial stability alongside their academic pursuits. As the gig economy continues to thrive, students can explore these flexible part-time jobs to strike a harmonious balance between education and earning.

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